Small and often disregarded artefacts and fragments can be as illuminating, valuable and powerful as longer, more 'complete' stories.
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Sound of Shutters: Castle Market

Many thanks to Cecelia Vincent for contributing this photo essay on Castle Market, Sheffield. Cecelia is a student at King Edward VII sixth form studying photography, history and politics. She grew up in the Burngreave area of Sheffield and has … Continue reading


No Fixed Abode: ‘My Uncle’

    In 2014, students on the Storying Sheffield course worked with the National Fairground Archive to produce a series of narrative responses to the Archive. These were published in the book ‘No Fixed Abode’ produced by Eleven Design.   … Continue reading


P1010964-alt- cut-sm
Laurence Cox: ‘Going Out and Hating Myself’

Laurence suffered a brain injury in a motorbike accident when he was in his early twenties. He is a member of the The Write Way, a creative writing group for the survivors of coma and brain injury. His first piece … Continue reading


listening voices-sm
Rotherham and its ‘Imagined Communities’

    ‘Listening Voices and Telling Stories': A project about Rotherham and its ‘Imagined Communities’     ‘Listening Voices and Telling Stories’ is a collaborative research project between academic staff from the University of Sheffield and a group of women … Continue reading


Rachel’s story

  Rachel produced a collage and installation articulating aspects of her identity through a creative focus on her home and its history.                          


A story from Sheffield and back

                  My name is Abi, and like many enthusiastic young things at 18 I was more than ready to spread my wings and leave my home town of Sheffield. My core had always been tied to the arts, in … Continue reading


The Putter

    This film was made by Shaun Bloodworth for our ‘Steel Stories’ project. Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield is the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. The film documents ‘Putter’ Cliff Denton – literally a ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors. … Continue reading


mojo club
The King of the Mojo Club

  This film was made by Amy Wells for the This Is Our City event in May 2014.   The King Mojo Club (often known just as the Mojo) was a nightclub in Pitsmoor, Sheffield which was open between 1964 … Continue reading


Storying Sheffield

A city is comprised of complex fabrics woven from its physical spaces and the lives of the people who inhabit them.  To understand a city, one needs to study both the stories of these lives, and the spaces in which they unfold.


Storying Sheffield is about narrative, community, arts/wellbeing, mental health & place. Read more here.


  • Ruth's map

        A Dialogic Exploration of Gluten Ataxia: Lived Experience, the Medical Condition, its History   This new and ongoing project led by Ruth Chalkley with assistance from Nina Schmidt is exploring ideas of patienthood, transition, and post-traumatic growth.   … Continue reading

  • Mental Echo

      This project is led by Charlotte Conway. Charlotte’s research interests are the uses of personal narratives and recovery stories within the Hearing Voices Movement.   Charlotte is employed by Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust. She divides … Continue reading

  • beinguniquemedium

    22nd October, The Showroom, Sheffield: Special film screenings for Black History Month. Click here for more information.     We Are Here is a ‘widening participation’ project based in the School of English at the University of Sheffield. It aims … Continue reading

  • 323734_979345557102_61112176_47736368_1553788525_o

      Storying Sheffield is working closely with the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, Sheffield City Council and a range of third sector organisations on an exciting new project in the Abbeydale and Sharrow areas of the city.   Read more here.   … Continue reading

  • nina_library_edited-500x395

      You zi is a digital storytelling project which works with Chinese students to share stories of life in Sheffield.     The You zi project has involved Storying Sheffield’s David Forrest and photographer Gemma Thorpe working with Chinese students who have … Continue reading

  • IMG_4364

    Sheffield Film Studies & Sheffield Studies Film: City, Image, Memory       Drawing on a range of interdisciplinary approaches to issues of space, landscape, and the city, Sheffield Film Studies and Sheffield Studies Film is a project which works … Continue reading

  • storyingON-UNI-HOMEPAGE

      An important part of the University of Sheffield’s mission and strategy is rooted in its founding principles, in which civic responsibility and engagement were and are a central component. The Storying Sheffield course and wider project is contributing to … Continue reading

  • IMG_1294

    This section introduces the ways in which the techniques and ethos of storying has been used in mental health contexts. [under construction]     See also: Working in secure psychiatric facilities.   Links to follow   Recovery   Training materials … Continue reading

  • IMG_2480

            Much of Storying Sheffield’s activities include partnership working with groups and institutions.  These include local authorities, museums and galleries, NHS Trusts, social enterprises, community centres, local artists and businesses, and arts festivals. Some examples of our partnership work … Continue reading

  • DSC01209sm-alt

        Storying Sheffield engages in various research projects closely allied to its activities and themes. The Storying Sheffield project itself emerged from a strong research base. Current research includes David Forrest’s work on film, and Brendan Stone’s research on … Continue reading

News and Events


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HealthyUnhealthy Brainsm

  The next meeting of the Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network will take place on Tuesday 11th November. All are welcome and it’s free to attend. Details below.   Date: Tuesday 11th November Venue: The Old Junior School, South View … Continue reading


  ON line and ON demand: the psychology of modern media from Facebook to the X-Factor. A lecture by Dr Aaron Balick   Date/ Time: Thursday 27 November, 2014 7.30-9pm (Doors open at 7pm).   Venue: Richard Roberts Auditorium The … Continue reading

Rhythms of Identity exhibition
September 30, 2014

  Don’t miss the Rhythms of Identity exhibition staged by the Creative Arts Steering Team (CAST). It will run from the 9th October to the 12th.   CAST have been in existence since 2009, and was formed to reflect the … Continue reading

September 19, 2014
ida barr

    We are looking for choirs, groups, and individuals who would like to take part in our performance this Sunday 21 September as part of a special performance for the Festival of the Mind. Everyone is welcome! No experience … Continue reading

lee child

  Lee Child, the highly successful and popular British author, will be carrying out a Twitter Q&A on Thursday 2 October at 4pm on the University of Sheffield Alumni Twitter account – @SheffieldAlumni   Lee Child (real name, Jim Grant) … Continue reading

off the shelf header

    This event is part of the Off The Shelf Festival of Words. Download the full festival programme, including booking information, here.   Running from 11 October – 1 November and with some pre festival and post festival specials, … Continue reading

Map of Arts Spaces in Sheffieldsm

  The next meeting of the Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network will take place at 6:30pm on Wednesday September 10th. The venue is the Cantor Building, Sheffield Hallam University, Arundel Street in central Sheffield. The room is Cantor-9006. Entry is … Continue reading


    Sheffield’s Shakespeare — A Community Reading Group Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm At Eten Café, York Street, Sheffield     Sheffield’s Shakespeare is an inclusive reading and discussion group open to anyone and everyone.   Sheffield’s Shakespeare aims to enable a … Continue reading


  The Daft Craft Raft Race is an amazing event at which artists construct weird and wonderful rafts, and race them down the River Porter in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield! The event raises money for charities, and this year funds are … Continue reading



    Knowing as Healing. Self-management & information literacy for people living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)   The Storying Sheffield Knowing as Healing Project is a participatory action research project working with people living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). … Continue reading


This post is by Shirin Teifouri.   Image by Gemma Thorpe   Stories of Change is a new collaborative project between Sheffield First Partnership’s Better Connected Programme, the University of Sheffield, local artists, and people of Sheffield; it is investigating … Continue reading

My Splendid Story
October 15, 2014
john lewis stories

    As part of John Lewis’s support for Barnardo’s, stores recently ran a storyboarding competition. Children aged 3 – 11 were invited to use their imagination and creativity to tell their own stories using words and drawings. Brendan Stone … Continue reading


This post is by Tony Prince, convenor of the Sheffield’s Shakespeare community reading group.     A small group of students launched the Sheffield’s Shakespeare community reading group on Thursday 8th May this year, after distributing advertisements around the city … Continue reading


This guest post is by Paul Brook, and is cross-posted with permission from his blog Dippyman. Many thanks to Paul for allowing us to share it here. To read more about Paul, see below.               I’ve learned … Continue reading

Richard Hanson
August 27, 2014

  Yesterday I went to the funeral and thanksgiving service for Richard Hanson, at Christ Church, Pitsmoor. Richard died at the age of 46. He was a lovely man, who I had come to know in the last few years. … Continue reading

Hidden Voices of Sheffieldsm

Many thanks to @drinksinthedark for allowing us to cross-post this piece from her blog PsychConfessions. @drinksinthedark is a psychologist with newly diagnosed bipolar.     As those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably aware, I’ve recently experienced … Continue reading


This is the second post by Jessica Yates on The Sheffield Black Atlantic Project, which is exploring Sheffield’s connections with the trans-Atlantic slave trade. To read the first post, click here.   Silhouette portrait of Hannah Kilham. (From the Memoir … Continue reading

Mental Echo

This guest post is by Charlotte Conway. Charlotte’s research interests are the uses of personal narratives and recovery stories within the Hearing Voices Movement. To read more about Charlotte, click here.     As he enters the ward, the man … Continue reading

Map of Arts Spaces in Sheffieldsm

Festival of Wellbeing   On May 28th 2014, the ‘New Connections‘ networking event and symposium was held in Sheffield which explored the themes of arts/ health/ humanities/ wellbeing, with a focus on developing collaborations and partnerships, facilitating, generating, and supporting … Continue reading


barry-cant-arf-weld (1)
Barry cant arf weld

  This film was made by Shaun Bloodworth for our ‘Steel Stories’ project. It presents the large scale forging of special steels at Firth Rixson in Sheffield, and focuses on the skills of the men working at the River Don … Continue reading


Object texts by Chrissy.

These texts are by Chrissy. See the bottom of the post for more information about her. Click the images to enlarge.                         Chrissy Bonham   Chrissy is 30 years … Continue reading


The Bog
Narrative and Memory

Polly is a student currently taking the Storying Sheffield course. In this reflective and moving piece she remembers her father, Ivan, and discusses narrative and memory.        These photos were taken mid 1970s on the bog in Co- … Continue reading


Mike’s Journey




Many thanks to Chrissy for sharing this story. At the bottom of the post is some information about Chrissy.     Throughout the winter, the grass had been quietly remembering the summer. It still felt the area where a disposable … Continue reading


Jeremy: Perceptions

  Natalie and Leyla worked with Jeremy to create a film about his life.          


More story fragments.

  These are story fragments, focused on ‘trees’, from a recent Storying Sheffield workshop. The stories are written by 2nd year undergraduate students.                  


Trees. A fragment.

                  This is a story fragment on the subject of ‘trees’ from a recent workshop at a mental health day centre in Sheffield. Many thanks to the author for allowing us to share it here.    


‘I might…’ World Mental Health Day: Poetry Competition winner

Each year the University of Sheffield supports World Mental Health Day (WMHD) on the 10th of October and this year’s theme was ‘mental health is for everyone’. The underlying message was that we all deserve our mental health and through … Continue reading


central sheffield 20140120_202737-alt-sm
A picture of central Sheffield

      I put my forehead on the window I feel the cold pulse of the night behind these lenses that look like mine I look at a narrow street in central Sheffield the mist, the walls, the bricks, … Continue reading


Storying Abbeydale

  Click on the image to download an interactive Powerpoint show, created by Beth Monks for the Hearing Community Stories project (formerly ‘Researching Community stories’). There are multiple routes through the presentation, and if you pause on the screen, further … Continue reading